Treating White Spot Lesions

December 29, 2017 Mark Kleive DDS

White and brown spot lesions on the anterior teeth can be very distressing for the patient and a frustration for clinicians. Normally, they are decalcification or deposits on the teeth from fluoride or other minerals.

They do not require restoration. We are hesitant to do this and sacrifice good tooth structure, but esthetically they can really bother patients. They reduce a patient’s confidence in their smile. Recently, I have found a solution to this clinical situation that meets both the patient’s esthetic demands and my desire to be conservative.

Reversing Lesion Color on Anterior Teeth

Icon, from DMG America, is a translucent resin infiltrate that reverses the color of the lesion. It brings the tooth back to its natural color, requires no tooth preparation, and protects the tooth from further decalcification or progression into a carious lesion.

After we isolate with a rubber dam, the tooth is etched with a special etchant included in the kit. The protocol requires a longer etching time then we are accustomed to with other procedures.

After each etching procedure, we rinse and dry the tooth. Then we apply a special drying agent that allows us to evaluate the final result prior to proceeding with the resin.

If the tooth color has not yet been optimized, the etchant is applied again. This can be repeated up to five times. Once we have completed the etching process and confirmed the result with the drying agent, the resin is applied and then cured.

The entire procedure is done without any anesthesia and is very comfortable for the patient. Icon can be used on the facial and also on interproximal areas.

The resin is not visible on an x-ray, so the kit comes with a card to give the patient. This is so that if they see another dental office in the future, they are aware that the interproximal areas will still appear decalcified on an x-ray but have been fully infiltrated with resin.

I really enjoy offering this incredible, conservative esthetic service to my patients.

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