Selling Dentistry

Janet Hagerman’s book, Selling Dentistry – Ethically, Elegantly, Effectively, presents a provocative and compelling analysis of how sales opportunities are missed by the entire dental team. Filled with practical solutions for how to feel good about your treatment recommendations and build your practice at the same time, Janet’s book focuses not only on how to be effective in your sales communications but also how to be elegant in your approach.

Selling Dentistry – Ethically, Elegantly, Effectively was born from a need, a cry for help from dental teams says the author and dental practice coach Janet Hagerman. Dental teams kept asking her how to stop dentistry from walking out of their doors and how to reverse the trend, so more patients would say yes to dental treatment.

In her book, Hagerman uses real-life examples and stories that come from her years of experience helping dental teams succeed.

According to Hagerman, dentists want to know how to sell dentistry. Their teams want to know how to sell dentistry. They want to move beyond an aversion to the “S” word to embracing the “E’s” of selling. Selling does not need to be controversial, says Hagerman, it’s about better serving patients and building trustful relationships, so patients accept the care they really need.

It comes down to surpassing external marketing and focusing on internal conversations with patients.

Deborah Bush, MA

Deb Bush was the Communications Manager for The Pankey Institute from 1997 to 2003, and a consulting marketing and educational writer for the Institute through 2009. After completing graduate school at the University of Michigan, in 1976, she began a long career in technical writing and knowledge translation in the fields of environmental impact, econometrics and finance, CAD/CAM engineering, accounting and taxation, medicine and dentistry. Currently, she is the Director of Content for Patient Prism Academy (at and will always be a raving fan of The Pankey Institute.

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