Pankey Renovation Complete

For anyone who has attended Pankey, there is a magic that happens as your cross the Rickenbacker Causeway.  Whether it is the magic of Biscayne Bay, the beauty of the Miami skyline against the water, or the knowledge that you are about to be at Pankey it is something all of us experience. We are asked all the time what makes Pankey special. That is a very challenging question to answer. We provide top tier clinical education. Pankey courses also include financial and practice management sections, as well as time to explore what you need Dentistry to look like. Yet, it is more then that. Pankey is about re-engaging and re-energizing personally and professionally. There is a magic of leaving your everyday environment, immersing yourself in the best dentistry has to offer and sharing that experience with others from around the world. Most Pankey alumni share that their best friends are people they met at a Pankey course.

For two decades our building at One Crandon Boulevard has been the center of the Pankey experience. A year ago we took on renovating the Institute with the goal to modernize, create a state of the art learning facility that supports both education and the community and relationships that are the center of who we are. We are excited to announce the completion of the renovation and share with you images of the new spaces.  The renovation created 3 new learning spaces on the third floor: Becker Hall, The Third Floor Teaching Lab and out new teaching Clinic. The second floor of the building now features 22 individual suites with private bathrooms and a common area including kitchen and living space for evening sessions.

Many of you had the opportunity to share in our growing pains as you attended programs this last year, and you will be greatly rewarded when you are back as you enjoy the incredible new spaces. I’d encourage all of you to make plans to visit Pankey this year, we look forward to welcoming you to the newly renovated Pankey Institute!



Lee Ann Brady DMD

Dr. Lee Ann Brady is passionate about dentistry, her family and making a difference. She is a general dentist and owns a practice in Glendale, AZ limited to restorative dentistry. Lee’s passion for dental education began as a CE junkie herself, pursuing lots of advanced continuing education focused on Restorative and Occlusion. In 2005, she became a full time resident faculty member for The Pankey Institute, and was promoted to Clinical Director in 2006. Lee joined Spear Education as Executive VP of Education in the fall of 2008 to teach and coordinate the educational curriculum. In June of 2011, she left Spear Education, founded and joined the dental practice she now owns as an associate. Today, she teaches at dental meetings and study clubs both nationally and internationally, continues to write for dental journals and her website, sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Inside Dentistry and DentalTown Magazines and is the Director of Education for The Pankey Institute.

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