Wearing Your Pankey Pin with Pride

September 15, 2017 Pankey Gram

We value Pankey logo items not because of the physical object itself, but because of what they represent. Our clothing, accessories, and lifestyle ‘Pankey’ gear allow us to show off our pride for what it means to be a Pankey dentist.  Of all the “swag” and logo items over the years, there is one that means more to our alumni then any other.

In this post, four alumni tell us what their Pankey cross pins mean to them.

‘Pankey Bling’ Perspectives on the Cross Pin

Dr. Michael J. Crete

“I must say, my favorite Pankey bling is my pin! I have worn it with pride since I first received it from Bill Davis, my C1 lead faculty member and the author of The Pankey Philosophy book. I have had fellow Pankey alumni who I have never met come up to me at meetings, in airports, etc. We always have an immediate bond. I have also had strangers ask me what the pin is for. It always gives me a chance to tell my professional and Pankey story.”

Dr. Christine Shigaki

“I love my Pankey Cross pin! My Pankey mentor Mike Higashi gave it to me after I took C1.”

Dr. Michelle M. Lee

“For me, the Pankey pin symbolizes my commitment to dental excellence, being part of the Pankey family, embarking on my own journey in life and practice, and creating a better life for myself and better dentistry for my patients. It makes me feel like I am part of a supportive community of givers. It’s also a practice and life philosophy that you can carry with you throughout your entire professional and personal career. Pankey has changed my life and not a day goes by that I don’t think of the Pankey Institute and how much it has impacted me!”

Dr. Richard Hunt

“I see my two favorite Pankey bling in my dresser drawer every day. Like most men, I have a variety of lapel pins that represent an emotional attachment to the professional organizations, institutions, and charitable causes that I have been associated with. While proud of every one, my Pankey cross is at the top of my list. I wear it often and am amazed at the number of conversations it engenders about the Institute and what a wonderful influence it has been on so many lives. My other favorite “bling” is a wooden round ‘TUIT’ that was a gift from my C5 instructor, Dr. David Hildebrand. It reminds me of a special person and the gift of his message at an impactful time in my life.”

What Pankey bling do you hold dear? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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