LuxaCrown in Clinical Practice

March 9, 2020 Lee Ann Brady DMD

LuxaCrown is a new material that was released by DMG America last year. LuxaCrown is a dual cure composite material that comes in a convenient chair-side cartridge. Because it has the physical properties of composite, it is much stronger and longer lasting than bisacryl provisional material. The manufacturer says it can last in the oral environment up to five years, maybe longer. It is stainresistant and color stable, so you can leave it in the mouth for long periods without concern that the color will change. I though it would be helpful to share the situations in which I now use LuxaCrown instead of a bisacryl material for provisionals. 

Multi-Unit Restorations 

In my own practice, I don’t use LuxaCrown for single crown preps where the provisional will be in the mouth for a couple of weeks, perhaps a month, or a little more. But, the strength of LuxaCrown and the color stability of this new composite material make it what I consider to be an incredible new clinical tool in my practice to provisionalize multiple units where there is pontic space. With LuxaCrown, I no longer need to reinforce the pontic with Ribbond or orthodontic wire. I don’t have to do anything to make sure we don’t get fracture at the connectors, because the material is strong enough and durable enough it to hold up, even long term.  

Anterior Veneers 

The other situation in which I use LuxaCrown routinely is with my shrink wrapped provisionals for anterior veneers. The strength of the material makes it more durable in a partial coverage anterior setting. And the color stability is appealing because the veneer may be in provisional for two months or three months, depending on how long it takes us to get patient approved provisionals for shape and contour that the patient really loves. Not having to worry about the color changing over time has been a huge bonus.  

Anterior Onlays 

Another situation in which I am using LuxaCrown is for partial coverage onlays in the posterior. So often we experience bisacryl onlay provisionals popping off the teeth, but LuxaCrown provisionals stay where you put them.    

Phased Dentistry 

And, I use LuxaCrown whenever I am phasing dentistry…when I am doing what I call “interim restorations” and the provisional restorations will be in the mouth multiple months before the patient receives ceramic restorations. Perhaps, the patient will be in provisionals six to 24 months while they go through orthodontics and we do final restorations in quadrants or even sextants of the mouth. Patients don’t mind having LuxaCrown in their mouths for long periods, because in addition to its stability, it polishes pristinely smooth and is glossy.   

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