OcclusionTreatment Planning

Master Wax Centric Relation Bite Record 2

Now that you have fabricated the platform, the next step is to capture the record with the patient. You will need a heat source and a blue Delar wax Pencil.

The first step is to heat the sides of the Master Wax Platform so they are tempered. Take the wax to the patient’s mouth and place it over the maxillary teeth. The anterior edge of the wax should be at the embrasure between the canine and the lateral. Bend the corners over the canines to help with retention. Press the wax against the teeth and ask the patient to close gently into the wax. Cool the wax with your air water syringe, have the patient open, and continue to cool the platform before removing from the mouth.

Using blue delar wax created a small bead where the lower canines have left an impression. Reseat the platform over the maxillary teeth and using bimanual guidance bring the lower canine cusp tips up until they just touch the blue wax. Have your assistant cool the wax with air. After removing the platform from the mouth add Delar wax where the second molars have left a cusp imprint. Then return the platform to the mouth and using bimanual guidance arc the patient into the wax so the lower molar cusp touches, then cool with air.

Your record should now be dropped into cool water. A disposable plastic container from the grocery works great. Write the patients name on it with sharpie marker and add it to their lab pan.


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