A Peg Lateral, A Missing Tooth, and More

March 27, 2018 Richard Hunt DDS

Every patient has a story that makes their case unique. When we embrace their path to treatment and make an effort to understand their motivations, we can provide even more excellent care.

A great example of this simple lesson came in the form of my patient Anne. I knew Anne well, as she ‘grew up’ in our practice and had been a regular patient for many years. This fact added an unexpectedly challenging element to her case. I knew I needed to re-familiarize myself with her interests and background instead of taking our past relationship for granted.

Restorative Case For a Future Hygienist

Anne is nineteen and currently training to become a dental hygienist. Her personal dental experiences spurred her interest in the field. She’s excited to provide patient care that improves both oral health and self-image.

All of these details about Anne informed how I approached her treatment. Her primary esthetic concerns were a peg lateral #7 and a congenitally missing #10. She also had canted axial alignment, mottled enamel, and uneven gingival zeniths with a high smile line.

We decided on comprehensive restorative treatment approach that would correct these problems and provide her with a result she could readily show off. The treatment consisted of orthodontics, an implant for #10, and periodontal surgery to reposition gingival levels. We also moved ahead with occlusal equilibration and a diagnostic wax up.

To round out the case, we did tissue sculpting on #10 in addition to esthetic/functional testing and refinement via provisionals. Anne got beautiful e.max veneers on #5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12. Finally, she got an implant supported e.max crown on #10.

Matt Roberts CDT handled the lab side of Anne’s case and did a stellar job. She can now go forth confidently into her career and help others embrace treatment that can change their lives.

What case put a smile on your face recently? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments! 

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