4 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer To Improve Your Success With Indirect Bonded Anterior Restorations

Restorations are the foundation of a thriving dental practice because they keep you challenged and motivated while ensuring patient satisfaction. Indirect bonded anterior restorations provide patients with functional and aesthetic solutions to improve their smiles.

But “veneers” are more complicated than they seem when you see the finished product: bonded anterior restorations.

Before you decide on the type of restoration you are going to offer your patients in the anterior region, here are four questions you should be asking to get the most from your restorative process:

  1. Can indirect bonded anterior restorations strengthen worn-down, eroded, or chipped teeth?
  2. Should teeth be whitened before they are veneered?
  3. Should endodontically treated teeth be veneered?
  4. Are crowns stronger than veneers?

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Abdi Sameni

Dr. Abdi Sameni is a Clinical Associate Professor of Dentistry and a 1991 graduate of Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. He has been a member of the USC clinical faculty since 1998. He is a former faculty for the “esthetic selective” which emphasizes a “biomimetic approach” to restorative and esthetic care. He was the original director of the USC Advanced Esthetic Dentistry Continuum for the portion relating to indirect porcelain veneers. He is the former chairman and developer of the “USC International Restorative Dentistry Symposium” for the Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. In 2019 He founded the Los Angeles Dental Symposium. Dr. Sameni lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to interdisciplinary dentistry, digital photography and its applications for dentistry, and various aspects of biomimetic and esthetic dentistry. Dr. Sameni is Past-President of the USC Dental Alumni Association, past-president of the USC Century Club, Former member if the Board of Directors of the Pan pacific Center for Continuing Oral Health Professional Education of USC CE and a member of the Board of Counselors for the USC School of Dentistry. Dr. Sameni served for 6 years on the Board of Governors for the USC Alumni Association and he is a former co-chair of the Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC Scholarship Selection Committee. Dr. Sameni is a member of numerous professional organizations and societies, which include The American College of Dentists, The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, OKU National Dental Honor Society and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. He maintains a private practice in West Los Angeles, California.

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