About The Essentials Series

Most dentists hope to move beyond what we learned in dental school and develop a practice that is a reflection of how we want to practice. The Pankey Essentials Series is the core curriculum of The Pankey Institute and a perfect place to begin this journey. The four course series is designed to provide a balance of information in these key areas:

  • Technical Dentistry
  • Practice Management
  • Patient Communication
  • Personal Development

The Essentials Series lays the foundation necessary and help you create the practice you imagine.

Essentials One: Aesthetic & Functional Treatment Planning

E1 will change the way you look at dentistry and your patient’s dental health. This course will present a comprehensive treatment planning system that includes aesthetics and function. At the end of the program you will be able to assess aesthetic and functional risk, utilize dental photography, complete a functional exam, treatment plan systematically and complete an occlusal equilibration. In addition to your technical learning this course will help you define your practice vision, improve your patient communications and plan for ultimate financial freedom.

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Essentials Two: Occlusal Appliances & Equilibration

E2 will provide you with the skills to manage patients with moderate to high functional risk. Appliance therapy provides diagnostic and therapeutic benefit, and is also the greatest case acceptance tool you will ever learn to use. At the end of the course you will be skilled in choosing, delivering and managing an occlusal appliance as well as transferring this occlusal scheme to the patient’s teeth utilizing equilibration. Beyond the technical training this program will deepen your understanding of communications and practice management, with a specific focus on developing appropriate fees.

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Essentials Three: Restorative Integration of Form & Function

E3 will bring restorative, aesthetic and functional treatment planning and execution together. The course will cover topics from preparation design and provisionalization to opening vertical dimension and changing the envelope of function. After this course you will be able to plan, present and execute complex restorative care. In the non-technical realm this course will help you look at your business model and relationship with dental insurance, as well as focus on the communication skills necessary for high case acceptance.

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Essentials Four: Sequencing & Advanced Treatment Planning

E4 will give you the confidence you need for the most advanced multi-disciplinary cases in your practice. Whether you are coordinating care with specialists or performing surgical and orthodontic procedures yourself, this course will help you sequence complex treatment plans, as well as deepen your knowledge of these procedures. You’ll deepen your restorative expertise with techniques specifically designed to simplify the process and make it more predictable. The non-technical focus of this course is on team development and how to create a powerful working relationship that drives success.

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